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Most of our customers find that they have a preference for how they like to contact our all-star assemblage of Brooklyn customer service and bus experts. We like to think that we have evolved with the times, even though our stellar records of customer service, fair pricing, and prime deal-making have never changed one single solitary bit. We have thus evolved in a few ways to make it easier for our wonderful Brooklyn and other borough (from Manhattan to the Bronx to Harlem to Staten Island to Long Island and New Jersey and beyond, we simply serve them all) customers to reach us more easily. We have a team of customer service representatives who are always ready to talk, based right here in the greatest borough on Earth – Brooklyn! They are well-trained in the world of Van Hool buses, and are always prepared to work with you on whatever you might bring to the table, no matter the demands or the requirements that you and your diverse, successful organization might require in any sense whatsoever. We have the chops to have made it three decades so far, and we know that we are capable of continuing to excel accordingly moving forward, so we invite you to try that customer service number at 347-486-3366 and talk through your unique requirements with a team member of ours that is always delighted to take you through each and every solitary option that you have, with any number of customizable choices – all for no obligation, and for no price to you at all.

If I Don’t Want To Call, How Can I Contact Omega Buses For Sale?

We know that a lot of our customers just prefer to use other means to communicate other than speaking over the phone. That’s no problem at all – we have another avenue that we invite our customers to speak with us, whether they are getting in touch from within Brooklyn to beyond the borders of the great New York City itself. We have a wonderful, revamped, and revolutionary online submission form that puts us in direct contact with our customers, both new ones and returning loyal folks, and lets us get the quickest read on how we can be of service, what they require from us in the way of our wonderful Van Hool buses, and how we can best meet their service needs and requirements. The online submission form gives us the chance to work with you better by tailoring your custom quote to your best needs, and it gives you the chance to put into writing what you think you might be looking for. Once we actually start a dialogue with this as a base, we can work together to make sure that we understand your request perfectly. We have been in this industry for a long time, and so we know exactly how to make our customers smile given their unique requirements and needs. The ability to personalize this elite level of service is what sets us away from the pack of bus competitors across New York City, and this is a reputation that we are keen to uphold. Check us out on the web today!

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