Van Hool 50 Passenger Bus Is Big, Beautiful and Hard-Working

When you start perusing the selection at Omega Buses For Sale, you quickly see what helps us stand out from the crowd of other  average bus sales providers in the Brooklyn area. First off, our three decades and counting history of experience is not something you see every day. The longevity we have had comes from our knowledge of predicting what our customers’ needs are, and what we can do every step of the way to make sure that we are maintaining top of the line service and focus on staying the absolute best asset to each and every single last one of our customers that we can be. Also, we have top of the line diagnostic tools that are the absolute best in the industry. We are confident in our work and are able to take the best care possible of all of our buses, including our 50 passenger Van Hool models. By taking such close and careful care of these beautiful machines, you can rest easy knowing that they are in the absolute best possible shape when they finally hit the wide open road. We want you and your drivers to be fully confident in the degree and quality of service received on your vehicle. To better serve you, we would love to speak to you in more detail, so go ahead and fill out a form on our website, or give us a call right now to speak to one of our expert customer service professionals. Can’t wait to chat with you, talk soon!


Find The Best 50 Passenger Buses (Here at Omega Buses For Sale)

Our bus mechanics are some of the most dedicated in our line of work, but we know that we need to give them the best possible diagnostic tools to succeed and maintain such wonderful machines as the premier 50 passenger Van Hool Bus. Our fearless investment in the latest technology and tools comes from our guarantee to you, our customer, that you are getting the absolute best service around on the finest Van Hool vehicles. We are proud to ensure that every last one of our Brooklyn customers benefits from the time and money we sink back into our business. The technology that we utilize at Omega Buses For Sale is all state of the art and the best of the best. It is a done deal and a dead certainty that your new 50 passenger Van Hool bus is in pristine condition when you drive it off of our lot to go work hard for you and your business. These expert mechanics that we are proud to employ are bus people to their core, they are not just auto mechanics. No one in our employ just happens to work on massive engines! They are folks who have been trained for hours and worked harder than anybody else in the field. Our team is recognized as expert bus mechanics who work closely with each other to ensure a top level of service for our customers. We would love to help guide you through this process, so fill out one of our submission forms online, or give us a call at 347-486-3366. Let us help you!