Van Hool Luxury Buses Are Top of the Line Vehicles That Work Hard

Van Hool bus is a name you can trust in the bus industry. They are known for making a fine product. These exquisite pieces of Belgian machinery are known for being a part of some of the best bus touring companies on Earth. One of the most superior examples of their craftsmanship is the Van Hool luxury bus, which we carry in a number of different models and modifications, all of them ready for our loyal customers to choose from. We have the best repair crew and diagnostic machines working behind the scenes keeping our vehicles up to par, so you know that when you buy from us you’re getting the best quality. The level of maintenance that we provide means that you will be getting a bus that is the absolute top of the line and will run for miles and miles before needing any kind of work done on it. A lot of bus sales agents will sell their stock “as is” when they arrive from being imported from Belgium, where Van Hool is based, but that is not the case with Omega Buses For Sale. We work tirelessly on any and every bus that is in our possession to ensure that every single one is running smoothly as the day it came off of the production line. Our goal is to get our buses to a level where they will require little to no maintenance after they leave us. The best part is that your satisfaction with a Van Hool Luxury bus from us is fully guaranteed! Give us a call today or visit us online and let’s get you a luxury bus!


Nothing Says Opulence Like a Van Hool Luxury Bus from Omega NYC

A Van Hool luxury bus is so much more than a typical charter bus. If you want to get a large number of passengers somewhere with extreme levels of comfort and elegance, a luxury bus is the move for you. The best news is that we have luxury buses for sale right here in Brooklyn at Omega Buses for sale. Van Hool luxury buses can be used for any number of reasons, from basic intercity travel to charters and cross country trips. The sky is truly the limit for these beautiful workhorses once they are in the hands of you and your dedicated drivers. As it should be, creating an environment of ultimate comfort for your passengers is what is most important and the luxury buses for sale here at Omega Buses For Sale will do that and more. All of our Van Hool luxury vehicles are the top of the line, boasting beautiful interiors, toilet facilities, state of the art air circulation and other tasteful flourishes to create an experience for your passengers. We have the best Luxury buses for sale in all of Brooklyn, and our prices and selection will awe and amaze you. We want to be the only place you come to when you’re ready to purchase a Van Hool luxury bus. Come see us on the web, or give us a call at 347-486-3366. Let’s talk!