A Van Hool Old Bus Works As Hard As Any New Bus On The Market

Van Hool is a company that is well known to be a mark of significant value, reliability, and comfort throughout the bus industry. These fine Belgian buses are famous for servicing some of the best bus touring companies on Earth, as well as fitting a number of other private and municipal functions. They do it all, and they truly do last a lifetime. We have a number of old Van Hool buses that work just as hard and run just as well as the latest model. The high level of service we provide at Omega is what keeps these incredible machines running at the top of their game. An “old” bus from us is far superior to an old bus you would get anywhere else. We have the top diagnostic machines on the market today and an all-star team of mechanics that keeps all of our vehicles in top form. An old Van Hool bus purchased from us will run for miles and miles before it needs any kind of work done. A lot of other bus sales companies like to sell their buses “as is” so as to avoid issues if and when the bus that they sell you isn’t up to snuff. We don’t do that. Omega Buses For Sale continues to tirelessly work on every bus that is in our care to make sure that every single one is running as smoothly as the day it came off of the production line, and sets it up for months or even years of maintenance-free operations thanks to the continued love and care that our mechanics have provided. Because we offer such a quality product, we are proud to offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed because we are confident in our work! Give us a call today or visit us on the web and see what Omega Buses For Sale can do for you. Talk to you soon!


Old Van Hool Buses Feel Like New: Brooklyn’s Omega Buses For Sale

It is too easy to write off an old piece of machinery just because of its age. At Omega Buses for sale, we see the value of Van Hool engineering and have developed a method to preserve and lengthen the life of their older models. If you are in the market for an old bus for sale right here in Brooklyn, you have definitely come to the right place for this type of quality that is the trademark of the Van Hool line that we take such pride in offering to our customers. These old buses can be used for any number of reasons, from intercity travel to road trips to cross country charters. The sky is truly the limit for the reasons that these impressive workhorses can be used by you and your dedicated team of drivers. We have the absolute best old buses for sale in all of Brooklyn, and you won’t believe our prices. Van Hool is a name that you normally have to pay outrageously high prices for, but that is not the case when you purchase an old bus from Omega Buses For Sale. Give us a call at 347-486-3366 to get the ball rolling.